Temecula Divorce Lawyer

Family law encompasses all legal family processes, as well as legal areas having to do with family relationships. If you are looking for a divorce attorney in Temecula or a professional Temecula family lawyer, The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury is the law firm you can turn to. Family law is one of our main specialties, and we are committed to providing clients the expert legal representation they need when it comes to divorce, child custody, and other legal cases. We are the Temecula divorce law office ready to fight for you.

Working With A Temecula Family Attorney From Our Law Firm

A great family lawyer should always be in your corner, keeping you up to date on your case and preparing you for all possible outcomes that may follow. Finding that one dependable law firm you can trust with your case may be difficult or take too much time, but The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury has proven time and time again that we are the family law firm clients can trust. We’ve been in practice for more than 30 years, making sure every client that walks through our doors is represented by a family attorney that is on their side, focusing attentively to their case and working closely to get all the necessary details for the most accurate and expert legal advice.

We are always honest with our clients when it comes to case outcomes as well. Our team of qualified and master attorneys strive to make sure realistic expectations are placed on each case, so you can be completely confident and prepared as you navigate the legal process with one of our attorneys. We know the ins and outs of all areas of family law, and are ready to represent you in your divorce filing, child support petition, and any other family law matter that may arise during a legal separation process. You shouldn’t have to go through the divorce process alone or misrepresented, which is why you can always rely on The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury to represent you through this journey every step of the way.

Areas of Representation

Not only can our law firm provide you with an expert divorce lawyer in Temecula, but we are also available to help you through the process of other family law situations. Temecula residents know our law firm is a premier choice when it comes to representation in family law matters, and we will never back down from consulting with your case. Representation we provide includes:

Child Support

A child support attorney from our law firm can guide you in the process to fight for the financial support of your child from your ex-spouse or partner. It is always best to work with a lawyer who has the necessary experience from decades of representing clients, and our law firm can connect you with a child support lawyer who has the skill and knowledge.

Child Custody

The manner of child custody is one that may often only be resolved with the help of a professional child custody attorney, especially if you are having a hard time coming to an agreement with your spouse. A child custody lawyer from our team will represent you in petitioning for the child custody of your child or children during or after the divorce process.

Child Visitation

Not being able to see your children can be difficult, both for you and your children. Sit down with a family law attorney from our firm to discuss your legal options and file the necessary petition to possibly obtain child visitation rights.


Are you looking to challenge a paternity claim? Have your rights as a father been questioned or ignored? A paternity lawyer from The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury will fight for you.

Legal Separation

Sometimes legal separation is the only choice for spouses who can no longer be in a marriage, and the process may be a lengthy one, filled with obstacles and other legal loopholes. A divorce attorney from our law firm will represent you to the fullest extent. A divorce can be difficult to navigate on your own, so trust in a qualified divorce lawyer to be on your team throughout the process.


Annulments in California means separation of assets and properties for both spouses. It’s important to make sure you are getting your fair share. Work with an attorney from our dedicated law firm to begin this process and ensure you are dutifully represented.


Are you entitled to financial support from your soon-to-be ex spouse? An alimony lawyer from The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury can represent you in your fight to possibly acquire alimony you are entitled to.

Restraining Orders

During a family law matter that gets out of hand, you may need to obtain a restraining order for your protection and the protection of your children. A family law restraining order attorney from our Temecula law firm will not delay in filing the appropriate petition to make sure you feel safe and secure.

Finding that paternity attorney, child custody attorney, and legal representation for a number of family law matters shouldn’t be difficult. Let one of our own attorneys represent you with unmatched legal knowledge and skill, so you can go back to what really matters in your life.

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We are Temecula’s premier family law firm. There is no family law case we turn our backs to, and we know the legal process for a divorce, child custody, alimony, and other family law areas can be difficult to navigate without an expert legal professional. You don’t have to go about your divorce alone. We can promise that we will be on your side throughout the legal journey, making sure you are confident in your representation, and being on your team in court. Contact The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury today to start consulting with a trustworthy and reliable family law attorney.