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Family Law Attorney in Carlsbad, San Diego county and Murrieta, Riverside county.

Perhaps more than in any other area of the law, family law can be the most heart-wrenching. People seek out County Law Center when dealing with divorce, child custody, restraining orders and property distribution, but also marriage, adoption and pre-nuptial agreements. Not only are these activities stressful, they touch upon what is most precious to anyone. It’s for that reason that choosing the right family lawyer is incredibly important.

A strong family law practitioner, like Marc Duxbury at County Law Center can help you through the complicated legal steps of a divorce or custody fight, that are often entwined with the additional challenge of financial variables, sometimes as bad as bankruptcy. Marc will work with you to see the whole picture of your situation and get to the best solution possible.

You can call County Law Center and ask to speak with Marc Duxbury to schedule your free and confidential consultation anytime. You’ll be treated with consideration and respect and it won’t take long for you to see why Marc and County Law Center are held in such high regard.

One of the great things about Marc is that he is going to spend the necessary time to understand what your needs are and craft a strategy that matches your individual situation. Each case is special and different people will have different goals for custody agreements, alimony or child support. Some of these components impact your tax situation so it’s important to work with a lawyer who can help you understand this as well.

Supervising attorney Marc Duxbury and County Law Center have been serving the legal needs of residents in San Diego and Riverside counties for many years. He has won over 5,000 cases and has extensive experience in all aspects of family law. Mike B. said of County Law Center that “I couldn’t have made a better choice for a divorce attorney”. Andrea Y. felt the same way: “He really came to my rescue. My now ex-husband had made my life miserable and I thought I might lose my children to him. Marc helped me navigate the whole process. I ended up with custody of children and a settlement that is more than fair. Marc helped me change my life.”

Because family law, even with the positive transactions like marriage and adoption, is so sensitive, you really want to be sure that you choose a lawyer you can work with. Not only should your lawyer have strong, specialized background, but he should be someone who you feel comfortable talking to. Take advantage of County Law Center’s policy of a free initial consultation. You have nothing to lose. You can meet Marc Duxbury and other staff members who will be tracking your case. This gives you a perfect opportunity to evaluate your needs and whether County Law Center is a good fit for you.

It’s not just the credentials of a lawyer that matter – though Marc’s are excellent. He is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, he is a member of California, San Diego and Riverside bar associations, and is rated by Martindale Hubbell, the industry’s premier rating service. County Law Center is a local firm. With offices in Carlsbad and Murrieta the team is familiar with the many courts, lawyers and judges that cover family law in San Diego and Riverside counties. Marc and his firm work with these professionals every day.

Finding a lawyer you can trust is paramount. Even with the best outcome possible in a divorce or child custody case, there is a great deal of stress. Divorces create financial strain. A split family will often have to sell their home and move into two new homes. Except in rare cases, child custody is usually split so parents spend less time with their children. New adults are often introduced into family life more quickly than you would expect. A good family lawyer is going to support you through each step of the process. He will remain level-headed when you are not. By staying focused on reaching a good resolution, Marc and County Law Center become your advocate so you don’t have to expend energy worrying about legal matters in this difficult time.

Christine P. had this exact situation. She and her husband had to sell their house in order for them to live apart. She was devastated that she only saw her children part of the week, and had to spend additional energy with the kids who were both acting out at school. Darlene was incredibly grateful that Marc and County Law Center could handle the legal matters with little time spent on her part so she could focus on her and her children’s wellbeing.

As with other areas of the law, family law can play out in a courtroom or through a negotiated settlement. Marc Duxbury has experience in both settings. He’ll spend time with you to determine which path is right for your particular circumstances and then he and his team will get right to work. Out-of-court settlements are not necessarily better or worse than going to court. Success in each setting depends on a lawyer’s ability to negotiate and argue effectively. Marc Duxbury is a respected member of the legal community. The trust and reputation he has built over his 25 year career make him a tough adversary. There isn’t much he hasn’t seen. Even if you feel your situation is different, by calling and setting up a free consultation, you will be able to obtain an expert opinion about your case.

County Law Center is a family firm – not just a firm practising family law. The benefit of this boutique-style approach is that you’re treated like an extension of the family. Calls and emails are answered promptly and with care. You won’t get lost being transferred to various lawyers, tracking down phone numbers or fighting for air time with the head lawyer. Supervising attorney Marc Duxbury will always have knowledge of your case and have a vested interest in your satisfaction with its outcome.

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