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Bankruptcy can seem like a tricky and intimidating route to take for many, because they may be unsure of the filing process or what this means for their debt. To file for bankruptcy, you should turn to the help of a skilled and experienced bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy can allow individuals who owe a large money amount some relief, while offering creditors repayment in the form of assets or through a payment agreement. Bankruptcy can have many branches, known as chapters. The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury can provide you with an Oceanside bankruptcy lawyer who will answer your questions, explore your financial options, and help with the bankruptcy filing process.

Types of Bankruptcy and The Filing Process

If you are in need of help filing for bankruptcy, turn to a bankruptcy attorney from our dependable law firm. The bankruptcy filing process is much easier to navigate when you have a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer on your side. To file, there are a few steps you should take.

Schedule A Consultation

The very first step, of course, is to schedule a consultation. A bankruptcy lawyer in Oceanside from The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury will meet with you to learn more about your financial situation.

Discuss Your Financial Situation With An Expert

During consultation, it is crucial to discuss your financial situation. What debts have you acquired, why has repayment been difficult, and will you be able to repay them? An Oceanside bankruptcy attorney from our firm will listen closely to every detail. If you have faced creditor harassment or are being threatened with collections lawsuits for failure of payment, you can get representation from a local Oceanside bankruptcy attorney from our firm.

Review Your Financial Options

A bankruptcy lawyer from our firm will then help review your financial options. This may even mean exploring non-bankruptcy options, such as debt negotiation or a settlement. A professional bankruptcy legal expert will always make sure to review all options, being realistic and giving you advice along the way. If you are looking for a divorce bankruptcy attorney because you and your soon-to-be ex spouse are looking into options for filing jointly, we also have you covered.

Create a Debt Relief Plan

The final step in your consultation with a bankruptcy attorney in Oceanside is discussing a debt relief plan. If the best choice for your situation is to file for bankruptcy, then one of our professional attorneys will assist you. If you are dealing with a number of conflicts from debt, such as wage garnishment, repossession, liens, and creditor harassment, our attorneys can help fight these petitions and allow you to gain back the money needed for living expenses, while we formulate your debt relief plan.

Types of Bankruptcy

If you are formally going bankrupt, it’s important to know the types of bankruptcy, and which one fits your situation. These types, also known as chapters, of bankruptcy include:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy consists of an appointed trustee liquidating all of the debtor’s nonexempt property (which you as a debtor can file to have exempt: i.e. houses, cars, life insurance, etc.) and sending the funds acquired to the creditors. This is considered a low cost bankruptcy.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 business bankruptcy (could also be known as corporate bankruptcy) is usually filed by businesses (or individuals) who want to continue in operations. The person or business must compile a payment plan that is court-approved and supervised by a court-appointed trustee. This business bankruptcy chapter can allow for businesses to stay open while reducing assets and finances. Our corporate bankruptcy law firm can help provide the guidance you need to file for this chapter of bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows debtors to repay a large portion of their debt within 3-5 years. While in this chapter, collectors of debts are not allowed to attempt full collection, which can give many individuals a break from creditor harassment and other attempted lawsuits. What sets chapter 13 apart from chapter 7 the most is that individuals in debt who want to qualify for chapter 13 bankruptcy must show proof of a reasonable income.

Working With The Right Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, working with the right attorney can help provide an in-depth look at your finances and make sure all possible options are laid out on the table. At The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury, we have handled thousands of bankruptcy cases, and can provide the big firm experience at a boutique price. Clients are more than happy with our cost-effective expertise, and one of our attorneys will be in your corner throughout the legal process.

We will see your case from start to finish, offering any advice along the way. When it comes to a bankruptcy law firm in Oceanside you can trust, The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury is the firm to turn to. A reliable bankruptcy attorney from our legal team will sit down with you and consult your case, so you can be reassured your case is being represented by the best of the best. Take the first step to get some much-needed debt relief by working with our bankruptcy firm!

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When it comes to having a big amount of debt, you may feel like you’re getting nowhere with relief. Filing for bankruptcy may be something you’ve considered, but were never really sure about. Sit down with a bankruptcy lawyer from our Oceanside bankruptcy law firm today. We will walk you through the process of filing for bankruptcy and will take an in-depth look at your financial situation to see what the best course of action may be. By working with our professional firm, you can be confident you will get somewhere in fighting debt for you, your family, and even your business.

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