Corporation & Partnership Law

Corporate law spans a wide range of activities, from drafting the documents to create a new company to advising established businesses on complex activities like the purchase of another entity. If you want to work with a lawyer who can help you think through how to protect your business and its assets, call Marc A. Duxbury for your free initial consultation.

Marc has vast experience in corporate law. He has worked with local, family-owned businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. He understands that a business needs to grow and will help develop a legal strategy that fits with your goals and risk-tolerance. One way to do this is by selecting the right structure at the beginning in the creation of limited liability corporations (LLC), limited liability partnerships (LLP), limited partnerships (LP), sole proprietorships, professional corporations, S-corporations, C-corporations and more. Marc has worked with over 200 clients to set up their corporate structure.

Beyond the formation of a company lie the many additional areas that will require strong legal guidance. A thriving business will need contracts drafted and reviewed, any number of agreements like non-competes, non-disclosure agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and of course agreements around compensation like incentive plans, executive employee agreements and shareholder agreements.

“Marc made a huge difference when I started my company. I knew I had a great product to sell but had no idea how to organize the corporation and where the pitfalls lay. That’s where Marc came in and expertly guided me through the process,” said Gary G., a client of County Law Center.

Clearly defining and documenting each party’s rights can minimize future liability and potential legal challenges. Don’t let all your hard work establishing a new company, building your client base and becoming profitable go to waste by having to give it up in litigation. Having the right lawyer from the get-go and using his experience on an on-going basis can make a significant difference over the long run.

Finding someone you can trust with legal advice can seem daunting. That’s why Marc and the team at the County Law Center, with offices in Carlsbad and Murrieta, believe you should have the opportunity to come in for a free and confidential meeting with Marc himself. This gives you the chance, at no cost, to meet the people you would work with. From the professional support staff who run the back office to Marc who guides the legal strategy, there’s no reason not to come in and discuss the particulars of your situation.

In addition to meeting Marc, it’s good to know that the County Law Center is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Marc is a member of California, San Diego and Riverside bar associations, and is rated by Martindale Hubbell, the industry’s premier rating service. Since Marc has been practicing law for over 25 years he has built a significant network in the legal and business community in the region. His experience negotiating with the many other lawyers, judges and banks in the area work in your favor.

His extensive experience also means that legal issues ancillary to core corporate matters can be dealt with at County Law Center as well. Tax strategy and compliance are two that often need attention. Having the same lawyer focus on all the aspects of your business reduces the time it will take you – and likely the expense – in coordinating different specialists’ views and advice.

One of County Law Center’s clients, Chris M., had such an experience. “My business was complex enough that running down my accountant, suppliers, distributor s and managing the staff was enough. I simply didn’t have the time to vet multiple lawyers and law firms. I needed someone who could do it all and Marc Duxbury was the right choice for me.”

Lawyers who focus on corporate law are most useful in two situations:

• Event based transactions triggered by major activities: the formation of a company, the unfortunate instance of litigation, the purchase or sale of another business, etc.


• On-going legal needs generated by day-to-day operations: contract review, tax advice, employee issues, lease negotiations, etc.