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If you are looking for a local Temecula bankruptcy attorney from a premier law firm, the search is over. The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury is the firm you can trust when it comes to learning more about bankruptcy, including how to file for bankruptcy. Whether you are looking to file as an individual, business, or need a divorce bankruptcy attorney to help you navigate filing for bankruptcy through divorce, give us a call now.

Filing For Bankruptcy With A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Temecula

Bankruptcy can often be seen as an intimidating process. It’s important to not try to file alone, as there can be a lot of paperwork and other legal obstacles in the way. Sit down with a bankruptcy attorney from our dedicated law firm to learn more about filing for bankruptcy. Here is a quick overview as how you can expect the initial consultation process to go:

Schedule A Consultation As Soon As Possible

You won’t want to delay. Schedule a consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer.

Discussion Of Financial Situation With An Expert

During consultation, your financial situation will be discussed in-depth by a Temecula bankruptcy lawyer from our team. There may be a couple questions asked, such as: Why would going bankrupt be the right choice for you? What debts have you acquired, why has repayment been difficult, and will you be able to repay those debts within a certain time frame? Are you currently out of work? What assets do you have? Have you received any threats of legal action from creditors? Do you need help filing for bankruptcy?

Review All Financial Options

The next key step is to review your financial options alongside a bankruptcy attorney in Temecula This means exploring other non-bankruptcy options as well, such as debt negotiation or a settlement. Our team will review all financial options available to you while deciding if bankruptcy is the right choice, and navigating which bankruptcy chapter fits for you. It’s important to understand bankruptcy may not be for everyone, but learning about your financial situation can help our attorneys deduce what works for you.

Conjure Up A Debt Relief Plan

The final step is to work with a Temecula bankruptcy attorney to come up with a debt relief plan. You may be instructed on how to file for bankruptcy. If you are dealing with a number of conflicts from debt, such as wage garnishment, repossession, liens, and creditor harassment, our attorneys can offer legal representation for any of these problems and other collection lawsuits. If you and your future ex spouse are considering bankruptcy before divorce, one of our attorneys will be able to answer all your questions as well. We will formulate the plan taking side-by-side with you, working in your best interests for a possible solution.

Bankruptcy Chapters

Bankruptcy chapters refer to the type of bankruptcy plans you may file for. The most common bankruptcy chapters include:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy consists of a court-appointed trustee liquidating all of the debtor’s nonexempt property (it’s important to note that as a debtor, you and an attorney may be able to file the petition to exempt some assets from liquidation such as: houses, cars, life insurance, etc.) and sending funds acquired to the creditors. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as a low cost bankruptcy. Some charges left after liquidation of assets may end up getting discharged. A trustworthy attorney can explain more of this possibility during your consultation.

Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which also means corporate bankruptcy, is filed by businesses or individual business owners who want to keep their business open and operating during the repayment process. The business compiles a payment plan that is court-approved and supervised by a court-appointed trustee. This business bankruptcy chapter can allow for businesses to stay open while reducing assets and other finances for payment. This chapter of bankruptcy is also known as a reorganization chapter, as it allows businesses to structure their finances and assets while not completely shutting down.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows people to repay a large portion of debt within a time frame of about 3-5 years.This repayment may follow a court-approved plan as well. While in this chapter, collectors of debts are deemed unable to attempt full collection, which can give many a break from creditor harassment and other collection lawsuits. To qualify for chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must prove you are fully employed with a steady stream of income.

Choosing A Bankruptcy Attorney in Temecula From Our Firm

Bankruptcy can become one of the smoothest legal processes when you’re working with an attentive and focused professional bankruptcy attorney. Temecula residents know they can trust The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury for unmatched legal representation and aid when it comes to the bankruptcy process. Why should you consider our firm to navigate your bankruptcy case?

Cost-Effective Expertise

We know the question of filing for bankruptcy can be difficult to answer on your own. At our law firm, you will have access to knowledgeable professionals, ready to answer your questions and help in any way they can.

Working With Experienced Professionals With Decades Of Cases Handled

We have been in practice for decades, taking on over thousands of cases. When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, you want to make sure you’re working with a legal professional who knows the ins and outs of the bankruptcy process.

Your Case Is In Reliable Hands

The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury is a legal team that sees every case they take on from start to finish. You don’t have to be left in the dark when it comes to learning more about how your case is going. We will keep you completely updated.

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