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A lot of little details come together to make up a person’s life, and all of these details come to light after their passing. It is a difficult process to try and handle your grieving process along with trying to settle any outstanding matters in regards to a loved one. A person may have passed without leaving a will or estate plan, and this can make the entire probate process much more difficult. We at the county law center understand this process and are prepared to help in any way possible.

A will and estate plan is critical to the division of property after one’s passing. When these things are neglected it is left up to the loved ones to handle any matters that may present themselves. We will help keep court hearings to a minimum, and it some cases we may be able to help you avoid court or litigation altogether.

We are trained officials in the art of probate hearings and litigations and completely understand all that is involved with the process. We have experts in the fields of living wills or trusts, power of attorney transfers, title transfer, personal property division, and other matters having to do with the settlement of debts and distribution of funds for any maintenance that has been done in the best interest of the property.

We work with our clients to get them the most agreeable terms in the probate process, and will work diligently to ensure that our clients are fully aware of the situation or circumstances that may be crucial to their case. Contact us today to setup a consultation and let us help.