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When you have questions concerning a party’s obligations and rights to a child, you may need help establishing paternity. One way to establish legal paternity is to file a complaint with the California Superior Court. With the use of DNA paternity testing, the court will rule on the paternity of your child. To learn more about paternity testing, contact Attorney Marc Duxbury at 888 817-7373. We represent people involved in paternity disputes throughout the Central and South coast of California.

Paternity Actions

If you are an unwed father or mother seeking to establish your paternal rights, you must act immediately. Failing to contest or establish paternity in a timely manner may affect issues such as support, custody and visitation rights. If you have questions about paternity, contact our offices today.

Purpose of Paternity Adjudications

In order to receive child support, or be awarded custody and visitation, the court must declare legal paternity for unwed parents. You can sign a Declaration of Paternity stipulating to the paternity of your child. Failing to stipulate to a child’s paternity subjects you to a paternity dispute.

If you are being investigated or sued by the California Department of Child Support Services, you will need advice. Depending on your case, you may be able to contest paternity by submitting to a court authorized DNA test. DNA paternity testing conclusively proves paternity.