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At first glance, a fair determination of child support when parents are separated or divorced seems straightforward. However, the standard calculation of child support used by the state of California is very complex. The appropriate child support figure is called “guideline” support. The courts use a computer program to calculate guideline support, such as Dissomaster or Xspouse, and the program takes into account each parent’s income and the actual time spent with the child. There are numerous other inputs in the program that will help increase (or decrease) your support.

It is highly recommended that anyone seeking to request or modify child support consult with attorneys that have experience with these support programs. We find that many family law attorneys overlook critical input factors that will affect the final outcome. Contact us to learn how we can help ensure that you:

Pay no more than you are legally bound to pay as noncustodial parent, or
Receive (for your child’s benefit) as much as you are entitled to as the child’s primary custodial parent

Are alimony and spousal support the same thing?

Alimony and spousal support are words for the same thing: one spouse paying support to the other after a divorce.

How is spousal support calculated?

California law states that permanent spousal support is determined by carefully reviewing numerous factors. The courts have tremendous discretion in setting alimony. County Law Center can assist in developing detailed evidence about each factor involved. The factors are set forth in California Family Code 4320.

Can spousal support be modified?

It must be understood that a difference between “temporary” spousal support and final spousal support exists. Temporary spousal support (pre-judgement) can be modified based merely on a change of circumstances; i.e. change of income or change of expenses. Final support orders are those included in your divorce judgement. The final order is not based on a formula but upon 14 different factors expressed in the family courts. Because these orders are meant to be the final say in your divorce they are typically more difficult to modify, but not impossible. Consult with County Law Center before any decisions are made.

I have re-married. May I still collect spousal support from my ex?

If you remarry spousal support will be terminated unless your ex-spouse agrees to continue paying spousal support. The court will not force the ex-spouse to continue providing spousal support if you remarry. County Law Center can assist with all your needs regarding support.