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Restraining Order Attorney in Carlsbad, San Diego

We represent people who find it necessary to have a restraining order placed on an intimate partner or family member for reasons of personal safety. County Law Center has helped clients make sure they remain safe at any point in their troubled relationships, and often before, during, and after a divorce or partnership termination. Being threatened with physical or emotional violence is serious, and we help our clients by seeking necessary legal and physical protection from domestic violence.

Our lawyers also represent people who are the targets of restraining orders in family law situations. Sometimes partners use restraining orders as aggressive or revengeful, but ultimately unwarranted, tools to obtain a “leg up” in a divorce or legal separation. We also understand that in times of extreme stress people do things that are out of character, which they instantly regret, and which they never do again.

If you need to pursue a restraining order, or if you need to defend against one, contact us to discuss the details of your situation. In matters of domestic violence, our lawyers can help.

Who can get a restraining order?

Anyone who is concerned or afraid of another person (or people) hurting or attacking them can apply for a restraining order.

How do I get a restraining order?

A restraining order is obtained through a legal process where the individual requesting the restraining order is able to provide sufficient factual information to the Judge showing the fear is justified.

How long do restraining orders last?

Restraining orders can last any amount of time necessary to protect the person requesting the restraining order. Typically, 3-5 years is a time period used by most Judges. The restraining order can be renewed at the end of the expiration period.

Are there different kinds?

Different types of restraining orders exist. Domestic restraining orders involve two or more parties who are connected by relationship or common children. Civil restraining orders involve two or more parties who don’t have “domestic” connections but there is still a concern for protecting one’s safety.

Who approves them?

Judges approve restraining orders and you will be expected to appear in court to make your case.

How long does it take to get a restraining order?

A restraining order can be completed in as little as 1 days’ time. The emergency request is made to the local judicial officer and if the required circumstances exist, the restraining order can be granted immediately.

How are restraining orders enforced?

Restraining orders are enforced by law enforcement in all areas of the United States.

What do I do if my restraining order is violated?

If a restraining order is violated the local authorities (i.e. police) need to be contacted. The person (or persons) violating the order is subject to immediate arrest and incarceration.