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The beginning of a divorce is often stressful and traumatic for a family. There is fear of the unknown – parents’ wondering if there will be enough money for two households. There is often fear and worry: will the children be manipulated, victimized by the other parent during the divorce proceeding, will the children’s needs not come first? Spouses will blame themselves, and each other, for not doing what was needed to keep the marriage together. Where previously a family functioned as a unit, they now must cope with one of the spouses having less access to the children.

Before the divorce, there was barely enough money to meet the financial needs of the family. Now, the family must maintain two households on the same salaries. Before, the parties lived in a monogamous relationship. Now, both or one of the spouses is dating or in a relationship with someone else. Before, they both lived in the same house. Now, one of the spouses must move out. There are concerns about how the house; business and financial accounts will be divided. There are solutions under the law but often that is not enough because emotional components of the divorce must be addressed and resolved.

County Law Center has the experience to get you through these stressful times. County Law Center will work diligently with opposing counsel to reach agreements and attempt to resolve your case efficiently, quickly and permanently.

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Marc A. Duxbury

Attorney at Law – Carlsbad, San Diego

Founded in 1989, County Law Center was developed by Attorney Marc A. Duxbury. Marc was born and raised in Santa Barbara County and he attended law school in San Diego at California Western School of Law. County Law Center is designed to be a full-service law firm with offices in Carlsbad, Temecula, Santa Barbara, and Santa Maria.

County Law Center prides itself in being a “user friendly” law firm and is committed to outstanding service in a variety of legal areas. Marc enjoys personally speaking with every new client and has developed a support staff in each office of the practice to assist in Marc’s commitment to high-level personalized service.

In the twenty-one years since its inception, County Law Center has created outstanding services and results in the various areas of practice including: Bankruptcy Law; Family Law; Criminal Law; Personal Injury Law; Corporate and Business Law; and Wills, Trust and Estate Law.

The firm is structured around Marc’s strong, diverse legal background. Additionally, other attorneys in the firm specialize in various areas of law. The support staff consists of experienced paralegals with diverse backgrounds. Secretarial staff is constantly thriving to serve the clientele’s needs. Timely scheduling of appointments and promptly returned calls are a byproduct of a high quality secretarial and support staff.

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