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Parents naturally want to protect the best interests of their children. Which parent will have primary custody of the children is the central question in many divorce cases. It is also quite often the most emotionally charged and difficult issue to resolve. Solving it with a minimum of pain and emotional damage to your family requires the assistance of an experienced firm that knows how to find practical solutions to these complex matters.

California law encourages joint custody arrangements, which gives both parents the right and responsibility to make decisions regarding the children’s future. Ideally, child custody issues can be resolved through cooperation and negotiation by both parents. But there are times when either one or both parties are unwilling to come to an agreement. If a reasonable parenting agreement cannot be reached in your case, it is up to the court to determine custody. There are two kinds of child custody in California:

Legal custody is the right to make decisions regarding medical care, school, religion and other important issues. Legal custody is shared in most cases.
In most cases, physical custody is shared. One parent may have primary physical custody (meaning that the child will live with him or her most of the time) while the other parent will have visitation.

In determining custody, the Courts and the parties must consider the suitability or fitness of each parent to have custody of the child or children, the mental and physical well-being of the child and each parent, the relationship of the parent or parents with the child and its nature, duration and extent, any prior good or bad acts or habits of the parties, and the existence or nonexistence of any other familial or other relationships affecting the child. They must also consider the ability of each parent to provide a healthy and stable environment for the child or children as well as the past, present and future care, educational opportunities and experiences of the parents and the child along with interpersonal relationships and exchanges.

California child custody laws and procedures are very complicated and should not be handled without consulting an attorney first. County Law Center is committed to providing aggressive, knowledgeable, and thorough representation and bringing the best case forward in child custody evaluations and proceedings in family court.