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How Do I Know I’m Eligible For Bankruptcy?


Carlsbad, San Diego Bankruptcy attorney Marc Duxbury can answer for you. If this doesn't answer your question please call for a free consultation with Marc at 760-438-5291. Each type of bankruptcy has different filing requirements. Many factors come into consideration in order to determine your eligibility, including your income status and amount of debt owed. Our attorneys at County Law Center can help guide you through each type of bankruptcy so you can determine your eligibility. These are the most common types of bankruptcies: Chapter 7. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is considered a liquidation of all assets. This type of bankruptcy will result...

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How long does bankruptcy take? Carlsbad, San Diego, Ca

00.01 – 00.16 – How long does a bankruptcy take 00.17 – 00.29 – Time taken for Chapter 7 bankruptcy start to finish 00.30 – 00.50 –Total time taken for Chapter 13 bankruptcy Another typical question I get from people who call my office or maybe come in for an appointment are how long does a bankruptcy take – the time restrictions, the time deadlines that may occur. Basically the simple answer is this. Chapter VII bankruptcy is 90 days start to finish, filing day to discharge day 90 days, a fairly simple and quick process once we determine what kind of case you...

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Attorney Marc Duxbury San Diego, Ca

00.01 – 00.42 – What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 00.43 – 01.40 – What is a means test 01.41 – 02.53 – Date of filing Bankruptcy 02.54 – 04.11 – Date of creditors meeting 04.12 – 04.50 – Date of discharge of bankruptcy proceedings 04.51 – 05.23 – Getting a means test done The question that I get a lot is what is Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a procedure within the bankruptcy court allowing people to eliminate debt and potentially keep all of their assets or most of their assets. There is a difference between exempt assets and non-exempt assets. Different Counties,...

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Filing Bankruptcy & Protecting luxury items in Carlsbad, Ca

00.01 – 00.11 – What can be kept in a bankruptcy 00.11 – 00.38 – Some items that can be retained in a bankruptcy The question that I get often is what I can keep in a bankruptcy and what I can’t keep. Obviously you can’t keep everything. But on the other hand you’d be surprised on how many items you can keep including boats, cars, aeroplanes and obviously you’d be able to keep, maybe not so obvious, but obvious to me, you’d be able to keep all your household items – couch, TVs, DVD players, walkmans, those aren’t going to be taken...

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DUI Attorney Carlsbad, San Diego, Ca

00.01 – 00.10 – What happens for DUI 00.10 – 00.32 – Change in DUI Laws 00.32 – 00.53 – How can an Attorney Help 00.53 – 01.21 – Contact Particulars Question that arises on my conversations with my potential clients is on what’s going to happen to me if you’re driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both in combination. I can tell you that over the 27 years and the thousands of cases that I have handled there’s a lot of change. Whereas 27 years ago, you get a $300 fine, you go home, that would be the end of it,...

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Estate Planning – Wills and Trusts, Carlsbasd, San Diego, Ca

00.00 – What is a will 00.34 – What is a living trust 00.56 – Knowing about probate law I have a lot of clients in my office that deal with will and trusts, Estate law. I can tell you this. A will is a simple process. I’ve told people before that you could be in a restaurant or a bar with two or three witnesses take a napkin out write down this is my will, last will and testimony. Write what you want. I want my Aunt Suzie to get my jewelry, I want my uncle Benny to get my car, and...

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Child Custody Attorney – Carlsbad San Diego, Ca

00.00– Child custody and child visitation 1.49 – Legal custody versus physical custody 01.11– Joint custody and primary physical custody 1.34 - Methods of visitation 2.30 - Move away motions 2.57 - What does best interest of the child mean 03.25 - Who is the primary caretaker in custody visitation issues What I see a lot in my practice of family law is fighting over children, child custody, child visitation. And I have to say that that comes directly into my heart in a way because I’m married with two young children, a 5 and a 7 year old. And I can’t imagine having to go through...

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What is community property in a divorce? Carlsbad, Ca

00.01 – What is community property in a divorce 00.09 – Detailed answer 01.05 – Contact particulars Question – What is community property in a divorce? Answer – Community property is acquired during marriage, whether it be assets such as real estate, cars, investments, it can just be income which comes in from one spouse’s employment or job or self-employment. Community property can also involve property that is enhanced during marriage, meaning that – let me give you an example. If a house was acquired by a spouse prior to marriage, it would be considered separate property they owned it and purchased it prior...

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Key DUI Laws by DUI Attorney Carlsbad, Ca

00.01 – DUI in the State of California 00.30 – Permissible levels of blood alcohol 01.34 – What is implied consent law Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs in the State of California can be a serious matter if not handled appropriately. Over 200,000 people get arrested in the State of California every year for DUI and/or driving under the influence of drugs. The laws can vary from area to area but generally have one set of rules which can be relied on. If you are under the age of 21 years old and you are not allowed to carry unsealed alcohol,...

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Spousal Support Attorney, Carlsbad, San Diego, Ca

00.01 County Law Center and Family Law 00.20 – Issues of Spousal support 00.56 – Factors considered for spousal support, Section 4320 02.59 – Contact County Law Center Family Law is a very broad subject matter in the State of California. At County Law Center in San Diego Riverside County we are experts in determining what issues you may have and how to resolve them. Spousal support is an issue we are going to talk about today. Spousal support is a very broad area of law. Well, but it is controlled by the court carefully reviewing numerous factors to determine a permanent spouse support is...

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