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Business Formation Lawyer Carlsbad, San Diego

When you plan on forming a new business, there are many options you can take. It would be recommended that you contact a Carlsbad business formation attorney before you proceed. When creating the legal structure of a business, you are also setting up situations regarding your own personal liability for now and in the future, by rushing this and not doing it right could really cost you in the long run. At County Law Center the attorneys will advise you on the best legal structure for your business, everyone is unique. Our head Attorney Marc Duxbury has over 20 years experience and will work with your best interests and legal protection in mind.

Carlsbad Business Formation Attorney

The most basic types of business formation are:

Sole Proprietorship: This is the type of business when just one individual owns the business. He/she can hire employees, have bank accounts and a business name. This business structure has less personal protection than other kinds of structures.

General Partnership: When one starts a business with two or more partners, the simple form that can be created is a General Partnership. Each partner in this form of business is responsible for any debt created by the company in the future.

When one chooses to have more protection they may choose to form one of the following business structures:

  • Corporation
  • S-Corporation
  • LLC – Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Partnership
  • LLP – Limited Liability Partnership

The legal structure in these types of businesses can become very complex, and is formed specifically to achieve the goals of the company. County Law Center is experienced in creating the legal stucture of all types of new legal business entities. It is advisable, if you are considering starting a new activity that you contact the office of County Law Center and discuss the goals and intentions of the new activity and the attorney can advise you on the form that would best suit your situation.

Business Formation Attorney in Carlsbad, San Diego

It is very important to have legal representation from an experienced and qualified business law attorney when deciding on the structure of your new business. What you decide early on has serious consequences in the future when something may change. One could create huge liabilities and protecting yourself personally may be an issue. Or one could make huge profits, and tax become an issue.

Contact a business formation attorney in Carlsbad from County Law Center to get assistance in forming a new business.