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Ch 13 Bankruptcy saves property for Doctor in Carlsbad, San Diego

So another case study that I like to raise with people this time is one that I’ve had recently with a doctor, Dr. John. Again, for confidentiality purposes, we will call him Dr. John. Dr. John had a dental practice and he was doing fairly well and things went well for him until his brother who lived back east – obviously John lives in California. His brother got sick and had some severe illness. Not terminally ill, but very sick. So Dr. John felt it was important to help his brother. So he put his practice to the side. His dental...

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Family Law Case Study, Carlsbad San Diego -Deadbeat Dad

So today I’m here to present you with a family law case that is an example of some of the things that I ran across in my 29 years of practice with County Law Center. An individual by the name of Kimberly comes to me with a 17-year marriage, two children, ages 11 and 13, and they have a family budget or expenses, household – house payment, household items, necessities for the kids. It totals about $11 a month. Kimberly makes about $3000 a month and she has a good job. She only makes about $3000 and her husband pays the...

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Expoungement DUI, Marijuana San Diego, Carlsbad – (Case Study)

So one of the areas of law that I get a lot of questions about sometimes over the internet and people come into the office and call on the phone a lot for questions are an expungement of one’s criminal record. So expungement is a very important process in the American legal system and I’m going to isolate it on California at this point. In California, the expungement process is available for almost all types of crimes. Obviously – or maybe not so obvious, murder and some more serious crimes cannot be expunged. But the general run-of-the-mill crimes which – you...

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San Diego, Calrsbad Family Law, Guardianship Probate Case Study

Another case study that I want to bring to the attention of people out in the community and maybe watching these videos at times is in regards to a guardianship process. Now even though you might think of it as family law, guardianship really comes under the probate court. What happens in a guardianship matter is someone – I will give you the example of Dora. Dora J, Dora comes to my office. She has a daughter. Dora is approximately 60 years old. Her daughter is about 30 years old and the daughter has three children. So Dora has three grandchildren. Everything...

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Case Study – Restraining Orders & Domestic Violence

Restraining Orders can be a frightening, but necessary experience. County Law Center can assist with all Restraining Order needs. Susan S. and her two children retained County Law Center for a Restraining Order. When Susan contacted County Law Center and spoke with Senior attorney, Marc A. Duxbury she was in a panic. Her boyfriend Joe M, who she was in a relationship over two (2) years, was in jail for domestic abuse. Joe had become delusional regarding Susan’s activities. Joe stated to Susan “I know your dating other men” Susan was not but Joe insisted. He then began throwing items around...

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Case Study – DUI Defense

Being accused of Driving Under the Influence (DUI), is an event you need an experienced attorney to assist with. County Law Center with supervising attorney Marc A. Duxbury is experienced with DUI’s for over 25 years. Aaron F. contacted County Law Center when arrested for DUI. Aaron had gone out with friends and drank approximately seven (7) beers during the celebration, over a four (4) hour period. Aaron was pulled over by police at 2:00a.m. driving home. The police gave Aaron field sobriety tests (FST) consisting of (1) Finger to nose (2) walking a straight line and (3) blowing into...

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Case study – Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for corporate client in Carlsbad, Ca.

County Law Center is a full-service law office assisting San Diego County and Riverside County with many areas of law. One example of County Law Center assisting with Corporate Bankruptcy is the case of Nathan=s Carpet Installation, Inc (N, Inc.), owned by Nathan. N, Inc. came to County Law Center with a failing Corporation. The carpet installation business had become extremely competitive and most small to medium size businesses began to fail. Nathan realized his days were numbered. N, Inc. was behind on rent and paying suppliers along with not being current with payroll to employees. N, Inc., and Nathan, came...

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Case Study: Father awarded custody of children + restraining order on Mom …

County Law Center is a full-service law office assisting San Diego County and Riverside County with many areas of law. One example of County Law Center=s ability to assist with Divorce, Child Custody and Restraining Order is the case of Mr. M. When Mr. M came to meet with supervising attorney, Marc A. Duxbury, he was facing a situation at home where his wife of 10 years decided going out with friends and not coming home many nights was normal. County Law Center immediately filed a Restraining Order proving that mom was not fit to care for the children. In the...

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Case Study: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filed to stop the foreclosure of Carlsbad, Ca Home

County Law Center, based in San Diego and Riverside County, can provide excellent services in many areas of law. Attorney Marc A. Duxbury is the supervising attorney. Bankruptcy is a specialty area of County Law Center. Within the last six (6) months, Mr. P came to County Law Center to inquire about services for his financial situation. Mr. P is an individual who ran a small dental practice. Before coming to County Law Center, Mr. P attempted to assist his brother who was extremely ill. Mr. P was concentrating on his brother and his medical problems and became less engaged with his...

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Family Law Case; Significant award given to Wife for child support and spousal support

County Law Center is a full-service office assisting San Diego County and Riverside County with many areas of law. Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, along with Child and Spousal Support are areas County Law Center can assist. Mrs. G was a client who County Law Center recently assisted. Mrs. G was married for 18 years before contacting County Law Center. Her husband decided to leave the family residence and refused to make house payments, car payments, etc. County Law Center, through the supervising attorney, Marc A. Duxbury, filed a Dissolution action for Mrs. G. County Law Center was able to subpoena all...

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