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At County Law Center, we want you to know you have options if you are facing financial hardship. There are a number of reasons why debt can accumulate so quickly, whether it is through the loss of a job, the decline in the housing market, an illness or divorce. Many Americans find themselves facing the daunting task of trying to get ahead financially, but their mounting debt doesn’t allow them to do so. Adding to the stress is the harangue of phone calls from aggressive creditors.

You are not alone. In 2013, over 1.5 million Americans declared bankruptcy resulting from medical expenses and California led the pack. Unemployment almost doubled in California due to the 2008 financial crisis. Although the recovery is helping people get back on track, many have fallen so far behind they are still struggling with mounting bills. Similarly, the housing market has improved but has not yet reached pre-crisis levels, leaving thousands upside down on their mortgage and worried about how to take care of their family. Don’t lose more sleep on this! Talk to a local specialist like Marc A. Duxbury and his strong team of lawyers at County Law Center and find out what options exist for you.

“I get calls almost every day from people facing hard times who don’t know where to turn,” says Marc A. Duxbury. “My job is to determine how I can best use my 27+ years of expertise to lighten their load. Every client gets treated the way I’d want my mother to be treated: with respect, attention and my very best effort.”

At County Law Center, we are here to help you. For over 20 years, County Law Center has been practicing law in both San Diego and Riverside Counties. We have helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses with filing bankruptcies. At County Law Center, we provide you with a free initial consultation to review your situation and discuss all possible options available to you, whether it be filing Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

We can stop foreclosures and eliminate your debt. Many of our clients deeply appreciate that we stop the harassing phone calls that seem to never end. This can be a frightening and overwhelming time. We at County Law Center will do everything we can to make things easier on you. Please call us today to schedule your free consultation.

Some of the questions we hear most often from new clients are “Is bankruptcy right for me?”, “What type of bankruptcy should I file?”, “How does bankruptcy work?” or “How long does it take?” These are important questions that County Law Center will discuss with you in detail. The sooner you call, the sooner you will know whether filing for bankruptcy is the right decision for your particular circumstance.

County Law Center is a respected firm with local roots and a commitment to excellence. Its experienced team of lawyers and Marc A. Duxbury have helped countless clients in San Diego and Riverside counties with great results. Many of the firm’s clients have allowed us to share their story on our “Results” page. Time after time we have been able to help individuals and businesses reduce their debt, stay in their homes, and regain sound financial footing. Marc literally came “to the rescue” for the Franklin Family of Carlsbad, and Karen S. of Oceanside appreciated the firm’s “encouragement and understanding through the whole process.”

If you are hesitating about whether bankruptcy is right for you, how it works, how it will impact your credit score or anything else – stop. Just call County Law Center today and get the answers to your questions in your free initial consultation.

What you should know before filing bankruptcy:

A quick note on non-licensed legal services and/or typing services:
Non-licensed legal services and/or typing services have never provided very good service to bankruptcy clients. One reason is that typing services are not allowed to give legal advice because they are not attorneys. Typing services may seem to offer you a better deal financially than an experienced law firm, but all they are allowed to do by law is merely type in the information you give them and process the paperwork. Additionally, Congress has made filing bankruptcy so complex and the legal knowledge to prepare a case is so important that typing services just cannot do the job anymore. In fact, a large percentage of the cases prepared by typing services and filed under the new law have been rejected by the bankruptcy court. If a person’s case is rejected and they try to file a new case, the new law takes away many rights they would have had in the first case. Therefore, it is very important to get the advice of an experienced bankruptcy attorney for your first case so that you will have all the rights and protections possible in that case.

Initial Meeting with County Law Center:

County Law Center does not charge for the initial consultation.
During that free consultation, Marc A. Duxbury will give you a preliminary idea of what bankruptcy options are available to you. He will explain about both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and how they would work in your situation. Although there will still be a lot more work to be done to complete your case analysis, he will be able to give you a fairly good idea of the cost.

The Bankruptcy Process:

Once you decide to hire County Law Center to assist you in filing your bankruptcy, we will then accept creditor calls on your behalf. Once you have retained an attorney, creditors are no longer allowed to contact you.

We provide our clients with a questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire asks all of the questions required by the Bankruptcy Court. Upon completion of the questionnaire and payment of your filing and attorney fees we begin to process your case. You are required to take a mandatory Credit Counseling course and provide our office with your certificate before we can file your case. This course can be done either online or by telephone and takes approximately one hour. Once we have prepared your official papers, you are able to review the final papers for accuracy, make any necessary changes and sign. At that point, we will file your case at Bankruptcy Court and you are assigned an official bankruptcy case number. Approximately 30 days after your case is filed you are required to attend a hearing with the bankruptcy trustee. You must complete a mandatory Financial Management course within seven days of your hearing in order to receive a discharge of your debts. This second mandatory course may also be completed online or by telephone.

More Bankruptcy Q & A’s.

How do I file for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is filed by providing all necessary documentation like bank statements, car registration, along with proof of insurance, proof of debt owed on motor vehicles and real estate. Once the documentation is provided, County Law Center will organize and use the information to prepare all of the schedules regarding assets and debts. The documentation will be numbered in certain order to provide the Trustee assigned to your case all documents needed to receive a conclusion/discharge.

What is the difference between Chapter 7, 11 and Chapter 13?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is referred to as a liquidation bankruptcy. It does not mean you will have to liquidate all your property. You will however, keep all property and assets which are allowed under the exemptions applicable. With the assistance of County Law Center your exemptions will be maximized. The entire process takes three (3) months.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is referred to as a reorganization bankruptcy. A portion of your debt will be paid back over time. County Law Center will assist to prepare the paperwork in a manner so as little debt is paid back as possible. You will have 3-5 years to complete the payment plan.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is similar to a chapter 13 with a reorganization plan. Chapter 11 is useful when debts and assets are significant. Also, corporations and businesses can benefit from reorganization. County Law Center will assist in protecting your assets while allowing your business to continue operating — protected from all creditors. All of your bankruptcy needs can be professionally and discreetly performed at County Law Center.

Why do I need a lawyer to do this?

A lawyer with extensive experience will salvage all assets while eliminating all unwanted debts. County Law Center can provide all services necessary while shielding you from the pressure of bankruptcy and debts.

What is the benefit of filing for bankruptcy?

The benefits of bankruptcy are many. First, most people feel great relief when all of the pressure surrounding bad credit, debts and collection activity are eliminated. Secondly, the ability to stop unnecessary loss of property and monies to debts and collection activity. Third, by retaining County Law Center you will be on the road to rehabbing your credit and start planning for future financial stability.

What are the downsides of bankruptcy?

The downsides are fewer than expected. You will not be able to secure additional credit until the process is complete. You will need to wait two (2) years to purchase a home. Usually it takes six (6) months to get more credit cards after filing, unless they are secured credit cards. County Law Center can assist you in navigating some of these inconveniences.